Dear Honest Coders!

We are super happy to show you the new great feature that has arrived to, are you ready?

The step suggestion

  • Now, you can start writing a new step and will suggest to you the most similar steps existing in the same Blueprint.
  • You can use the arrow keys to navigate between the different options showed and then push enter to select one.
  • You will save a massive amount of time using this feature.


Honestcode. The step sugestion

Activity Summary

Great news is also that the activity is continuously increasing, currently we have overcome the 1000 steps defined. Note that, above all, this news are great for our clients, because we are covering a lot of different situations in the software we are building for them.

Honestcode Activity Summary August 2016


Other improvements

  • Improved the information showed to users when an error occurs.
  • Security improvements when users try to interact (read, write or remove) on elements which actually they shouldn’t have access.
  • Improvements in the User interface to adapt better the UI to small screens.



  • Bulletpoints after a Background now start with the correct number
  • Scenarios with more than 9 steps now shows correctly
  • Project icon is not missing when editing anymore
  • There are no more duplicated or missed people in the Organization members search.


Thank you for all your feedback and please, don’t hesitate to keep using the Uservoice button to send us any feedback, remember that you can attach screenshots directly with the uservoice widget.

Feedback feature

All the best!