Frequently Asked Questions. Here are some common questions about HonestCode.
Can I try HonestCode for free?

Of course, just visit pro.honestcode.io, log in with your Google, Microsoft, GitHub or Salesforce account and start using it (GitLab and Atlassian Jira coming next). No credit card nor additional data required.

I'm new to test driven development, BDD and ATDD. How can I start?
You can start with The beginner’s guide to BDD or one of the many free BDD courses available at tutorialspoint.com. Then you can read something about Gherkin syntax and the practical BDD in JavaScript .

In the web you could find a lot of information and examples online, but a great place to start with a lot of links to useful info is this article with the lessons learned after two years of ATDD and this post about Writing Good Gherkin is a must before creating your firsts Features. And Cucumber anti-patterns are pretty useful before you start writing your first Scenarios.

Of course, you can find more valuable information in this FAQ and in our Blog. Or just ask us using the form at the bottom of this page.

I'm new to test driven development, BDD and ATDD. Give me a project to practice !
You read all the theory and you need to start coding right now? NodeJS, iOS or Android?

NodeJS? Just connect to GitHub and download this project : Cart – Checkout to your favorite IDE. Is a simple NodeJS project that includes all what you need to run tests immediately with Cucumber of the included Gherkin features and scenarios.

Do you prefer native mobile flavors? Check out this projects at GitHub, clone them and start coding:

Using HonestCode for the first time
Read our Introduction to HonestCode post that explains the different roles (Admin vs. Editor) and a step by step guide or… You don’t learn to walk by following rules, you learn by doing, and by falling over. So start walking into HonestCode. There is a online guided tour for new users and contextual help in each page of the App.

You can find more valuable information in this FAQ and in our Blog. Or send us any question or problem using the form at the bottom of this page.

How can I publish my features in my Git repository?

Browse to your blueprint page, edit it to include your git code repository credentials and it’s done. If you are using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) you´ll need to create a personal access token and use that token as password with your own user. For example in GitLab, you can create it at ‘User Settings/Access Tokens’ adding a ‘Personal Access Tokens’ with the ‘api’ scope.

Now just push the ‘Publish now’ button every time you want to update/push all active* HonestCode features right into the product repository.

Take note that bidirectional synchronization isn’t available to preserve Product Owner’s features, so project’s features are always overwritten with HonestCode ones.

* Scenarios marked as draft are not pushed to the repository. So you can control which Scenarios are ready to be developed and tested.

How can I check my tests results in HonestCode. Webhooks?

Just edit your Blueprint to get your webhook URL and follow this instructions to send your test results to HonestCode.

In a few seconds you´ll see the results in your Blueprint page of HonestCode.

Can BDD or ATDD be used in front, back, mobile native apps,... development?

Of course, using the Gherkin language in the multiple Cucumber implementations and Behave has allowed HonestCode to be already used in developing projects with NodeJS, Angular, React, Ioniq, Android, iOS, JavaScript, Java, Python…

Check out this projects at GitHub, clone them and happy testing:

Or try with this nice React Behavior Driven Development post with many examples

How can I import my current tests to HonestCode?
Just browse to your Blueprint page and select the option ‘IMPORT FEATURE’ from the blueprint menu. Then select your standard .feature file in Gherkin format and press the ‘IMPORT’ button.

You can use the ‘Overwrite existing scenarios’ checkbox to select if you want to overwrite existing HonestCode scenarios with the file contents or skip your file’s scenarios and keep HonestCode’s scenarios untouched.

HonestCode’s scenarios not included in the file will be preserved. If you want to delete HonestCode’s scenarios not included in your file, you must delete individual scenarios or the full feature.

Can I export my features?
Of course. All your data can be exported at any time from your Blueprint page with the option ‘EXPORT TO ZIP FILE’ that includes all the feature files in the standard Gherkin format.
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