Dear HonestCoders!

We are super happy to show you the awesome new features that has arrived to in the latest version.


Scenarios can be marked and unmarked as Draft, and won’t be exported or tested when publishing blueprints. Every new Scenario created is marked as Draft by default

HonestCode Drafts

Step errors

Just clicking on a failed Step will show the full error message reported when the test failed

HonestCode Step errors

Tag Manager

Both Features and Scenarios can be tagged now. And with the brand new tag manager is easier to add or remove multiple tags and filter by multiple tags. Some special characters like ‘.’, ‘_’ and ‘-‘ are now allowed in tag names.

Honestcode Tag manager

Blueprints extended

New options and information is available when Blueprints are edited

HonestCode Blueprints

Activity Summary

In just one month the number of steps defined has doubled. Note that, above all, this are great news for our clients, because they can visualize that we are covering lots of different situations in the software we are building for them.

Honestcode Activity summary

Other improvements

Thanks to the feedback and ideas of all HonestCode users there is a lot of :

  • Zillions of UI and UX improvements, fixes and nice details. Specially when editing steps and tables, now:
    • Only hints of steps of the same type are shown.
    • Fast delete of steps with empty text and table.
    • Keep focus on tha active clicked step.
  • More and better tooltips.


  • Java Cucumber´s results files are parsed too.


And please don’t hesitate to keep using the UserVoice button to send us any feedback, remember that you can attach screenshots directly with the UserVoice widget.

Honestcode Feedback

Coming soon…

We’re already working in amazing new features : more details about the publishing and test results, moving scenarios to a different feature, multiple repositories and webhooks, dynamic help, living documentation… and best of all, anything that you as an user ask for.

All the best!

HonestCode Team