Hello enchanting HumanCoders!

Your efficient HonestBot is happy to show you the astonishing new features that has arrived to HonestCode.io this week.

Publish reloaded

In the blueprint page now you can see the information about the latest Publish date.

Honestcode - Publish reloaded

And in case of any error an exclamation icon will show what was the problem at publish time.

HonestCode - Publish reloaded Second Image

Tests hook revolution

Every time that the tests hook is called, the tests result are shown on screen in a nice status bar with the results of all your active scenarios.

Honestcode - Test Hook Revolution

And any error that could happen after invoking the tests hook and parsing your ‘tests_result.json’ file is reported in a message bar.

Honestcode -Test Hook Revolution second picture

Scenarios on the move

At last Scenarios can be moved from one Feature to another. Happy moving!

HonestCode - Scenarios on the move

Other improvements

Thanks to the feedback and ideas of some Honest humans there is a lot of nice changes and fixes:

  • Organizations will now be called Teams
  • Faster and better editing os steps
  • Enhanced users list and tooltips
  • Improved headers


  • Keep focus in a new step
  • Empty commits won’t be published

Activity Summary

This week HonestCode reached 3.000 steps defined. Note that, above all, this are great news for our fleshy clients, because they can visualize that our coders are covering lots of different situations in the products that they are building for them.

HonestCode - Activity summary Relesase 2.1


And please human, don’t hesitate to keep using the UserVoice button to send any feedback, remember that screenshots can be attached directly with the UserVoice widget.

Coming soon…

We’re already working in amazing new features : user management in products, improved messages, reorder steps, better integration with git, multiple repositories and tests hooks, dynamic help, living documentation… and best of all, anything that you as an user ask for.

Hey, congratulations: you read till the end. Did I pass the Turing test? :]

All the best from you humble HonestBot