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Your skilled HonestBot is ready to show you the impressive new features that have arrived to HonestCode.io in this new release.

Invite people to your team

Now you can invite people to your Team by typing in their email address, even if they don’t use HonestCode yet. They will receive an email invitation to join your team.

Invite people to your team feature

Then you can select his role:

  • ADMIN: can invite new members to the Team and edit everything like a super admin user.
  • EDITOR: can create new products and see all the Team’s products.

ADMIN vs. EDITOR roles:
Only ADMIN users can delete a Team and manage account users and roles. ADMIN users can remove and transfer their admin rights from and to other Team users.


Product members

EDITOR users can view all the team products, but to edit a product you need to be a member of that product.

Honestcode Product members feature

All product members can manage users and invite other team members to have full access to the product. New members will receive an email notification for his new product.

Notice that products members are restricted to team members.

Honestcode Product members feature Image 2

Members of one team are not allowed to view or edit products of other teams.

Honestcode Product members feature Image 3

New Menu

You´ll find that all options for each element are now available from one single place. So you won’t need to ask again where items can be deleted.

Honestcode New menu feature


HonestCode includes a brand new Dashboard. In this version only shows your teams, but in the future it will include lot of useful and personalized info. What would you like to see in your own dashboard in the near future?

Honestcode Dashboard feature


The publish, tests result and error messages items has been redesigned.

Honestcode Blueprint feature

Real time

All time stamps are updated in real time.

Honestcode Real time


Other improvements

Thanks to the feedback and ideas of some Honest humans there is a lot of nice changes and fixes:

  • Enhanced users list and tooltips
  • Improved headers design
  • Scrollbars are always visible in tables


  • Add min width to table cells

Activity Summary

Last week HonestCode reached 100 registered users. And 22 teams are working in 59 different products. Note that, above all, these are great news for product owners, because they can visualize that coders are covering lots of different situations in the product that they are building.

Honestcode Activity Summary Release 2.2


And please human, don’t hesitate to keep using the UserVoice button to send any feedback, remember that screenshots can be attached directly with the UserVoice widget.

Coming soon

We’re already working in amazing new features : dashboard and UI improvements, export blueprints, images in features, repository branch and features folder will be selectable, a brand new website, a billing platform, reorder steps, better integration with git, multiple repositories and tests hooks, dynamic help, living documentation… and best of all, anything that you as an user ask for.

Is now the moment I reveal my true bot nature? I’ll leave you to guess…

All the best from you humble HonestBot