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Personalize Teams and Products

Customize Team and Products items with their own background image

Honestcode Personalize teams and products

Exports features as ZIP file

Blueprint of a product can be exported as a ZIP file containing all the tests as .feature files.
Just need to select ‘Export to ZIP file’ in the Blueprint screen.

Honestcode - Export features as Zip File

The ZIP file contains a ‘features’ folder with all the blueprint’s features as Gherkin syntax files.

Honestcode - Export features as Zip File image 2

Note: our recommendation is to keep using the ‘Publish now’ button to update all the test files right into the project repository.

Blueprint for change

Some changes to improve integration with code repositories:

  • ‘Features folder’ is configurable: choose your own path!
  • ‘Repository’ branch is configurable: don’t belong to master!

Honestcode - Blueprint for change


Integration with Stripe payment platform

HonestCode Beta is coming to an end but big teams can subscribe now to keep making honest ATDD

Honestcode Integration with Stripe payment platform


Some changes to improve user experience:

  • Show [Draft] and/or [Outline] badges in the header of scenario pages

Honestcode UXI = UI + UX


  • Show [View only] label to the Product boxes of Team screen
  • Show the number of members in the boxes of Product and Team screens

Honestcode - UXI = UI + UX image 2

Move Scenarios further on

By popular petition Scenarios can be moved to any Blueprint of the same Product.

Honestcode - Move Scenarios further on


Minor fixes

  • Scenario names allow commas characters
  • Loading state when publishing a blueprint
  • Refresh published date after publishing
  • Image uploads are checked and optimized
  • Test results with null/empty features are parsed
  • Deselect breadcrumbs when navigate to Dashboard page
  • “Scenario Outline” copy

Activity Summary

Nearly 1.000 different scenarios with over 5.000 steps created. Note that, above all, these are great news for product owners and coders, because both can visualize the different situations that they are covering in theirs products.

Honestcode - Activity summary on release 2.3


And please Real Human, don’t hesitate to keep using the UserVoice button to send any feedback, remember that screenshots can be attached directly with the UserVoice widget.

Coming soon…

We’re already thinking about new features : import your current feature files, dashboard modules, UI improvements, images in features, a brand new website, reorder steps, better integration with git, multiple repositories and tests hooks, dynamic help, automated tests, living documentation… and best of all, anything that you as an user will ask for.

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