Hello HonestCoder!

New features and cool T-shirts are available in this version.

Import your Gherkin tests and win an exclusive HonestCode T-shirt

To celebrate that Gherkin feature files can be imported into HonestCode and validate that everything is working fine, we’ll give away our first ever HonestCode T-shirts to the first 10 people who send us a .feature file written in standard* Gherkin language that fails to be imported into HonestCode or is imported with errors. Only will be awarded a T-shirt for problem type, so if several persons reports the same problem, only the first one will get the T-shirt

* Based on Cucumber’s Gherkin reference. The ‘language’ directive, comments and the ‘but’ steps are excluded for this contest. Support will be included in future releases.

Entering the contest and consulting current status, reported problems and winners could be done at HonestCode’s blog.

So browse to your Blueprint page and start importing your Gherkin test files into HonestCode. If everything goes right admire your features in HonestCode or if something fails, send us your file and enjoy your new T-shirt.

Doc Strings (aka pyString or multi-line string)

This multiline step arguments are handy for specifying a larger piece of text and from now on you can create, import and export them in HonestCode

When editing any step just add a Doc String and fill the text. The three double-quote marks delimiters are not used, but don’t worry because it will be included in any exported files.

Support for multiple login providers

Apart from Google account, now is also possible to sign in with Github or Salesforce/Chatter accounts.

Multiple login services enable you to login to the same HonestCode account using any login services that share the same email address. So users can access all his HonestCode data independently of the service used to sign in. More login services will be included in future releases.

Our brand new site is live

You will find all the information and blog entries with the best ATDD and BDD practices. And all the answers to the most frequent questions about HonestCode and how to make the most of it.
Check it out at HonestCode website


Some changes to improve user experience:

  • Features alphabetically sorted in the Product page
  • Search Scenarios by name in the Blueprint page
  • Search Features by name in the Product page
  • Added tooltips in the table titles and cells of a Step
  • Scenario form now includes the Draft status, and Background and Outline info.

Minor fixes and updates

  • Creating Features and Scenarios with similar names to existing ones
  • All chars are allowed now in Features and Scenarios names
  • Draft scenarios are exported with a ‘@draft_HC’ tag
  • Feature’s tags can be edited
  • Several typos fixed and texts updated

Activity Summary

Currently servicing 80 products, 356 features and 1.300 different scenarios with over 7.000 steps created. Great news for product owners and coders, because both can visualize the different situations that they are covering in theirs products.


And please, don’t hesitate to keep using the UserVoice button to send any feedback, remember that screenshots can be attached directly with the UserVoice widget.

Coming soon…

We’re already thinking about new features : dashboard modules, images in features, reorder steps, better integration with git, multiple repositories and tests hooks, dynamic help, automated tests, living documentation… and best of all, anything that you as an user will ask for.

To bot, or not to bot, that is the question?

All the best from your prudent HonestBot