Hello HonestCoder! Some brand new functionalities and long awaited changes.

The Import(ance)

Import multiple .feature files at once with a single click and admire all your Scenarios in their Honest glory. Now all existing scenarios can be imported into HonestCode, connect them with the code repository, edit and create new features, and synchronize tests results to show the status and progress of the project

.Now you can take advantage of all your existing Gherkin features to provide a full vision of the product to all your team and stakeholders.


Show your Badges

Add real-time badges to your GitHub projects to show off the current status of your BDD testing results in your project repositories.

Remember my name

Now you can find faster your Features and Scenarios writing their name to look for them, in addition to use the standard Gherkin @tags to filter them

The hateful eight

HonestCode T-shirts were awarded to the first 2 people who sent us a .feature file written in standard* Gherkin language that fails to be imported into HonestCode or was imported with errors. Eight T-shirts are still waiting for a winner. So browse to your Blueprint page and start importing your Gherkin feature’s files into HonestCode. If everything goes right admire your features in HonestCode or if something fails, send us your file to get and enjoy your new T-shirt. Entering the contest and checking current status, reported problems and winners could be done at HonestCode’s blog. * Based on Cucumber’s Gherkin reference. The ‘language’ directive, comments and the ‘but’ steps are excluded for this contest. Support will be included in future releases.

The Commitments

When publishing the features to a repository the commit message can be edited and user name is automatically added.


Improved user experience:

  • Teams are now sorted by your last visited Teams.
  • The Features/Scenarios/Steps ‘Passed’ status will be changed to ‘Undefined’ when editing any of them
  • Importing .feature files shows a more detailed report of results and incidents
  • Manage licenses option is always available in the Team users list
  • Publish show a warning of how many draft Scenarios won’t be published
  • The thee dots icon used for action menus
  • Use the headers of the Examples table in any step within angle brackets to get the placeholder texts highlighted.


Minor fixes and updates

  • Import features with special chars or empty names without problems
  • Doc strings can be exported
  • The Import option validates Gherkin language (at this moment the only allowed language is English)
  • Creating an Scenario don´t show unnecessary alerts when changing cursor focus
  • Outline scenarios are accounted as multiples scenarios instead of a single one.
  • Login with GitHub warns about a ‘Public email’ is required
  • Improved validation of GitHub repository URLs and pushing to default branches
  • Several typos fixed and texts updated

 Activity Summary

Currently servicing 90 different products, with 405 features and 1.626 scenarios with over 8.000 steps created. Great news for product owners, coders, testers and stakeholders because all of them can visualize the status and specifications that they are covering in theirs products.


Feedback, please!

And please, don’t hesitate to keep using the UserVoice button to send any feedback, remember that screenshots can be attached within the UserVoice widget.

Coming soon…

We’re already thinking about new features : support for multiple environments and repositories, images, living documentation, dashboard modules, comments, a more powerful integration with git, dynamic help, automated tests… and best of all, anything that any of you will ask for. To bot, or not to bot, that is the question? All the best from your cautious and wise HonestBot