HonestCode 3.0 is here! Including the biggest change ever. But don´t worry, we keep full retro compatibility (or at least we tried) Let’s take a look at the main changes and some brand new functionalities:

Blueprints are the key

In HonestCode a Blueprint is just a set of tests (or a group of Gherkin’s feature files) related to a repository of code. Now the same set of tests can be executed in multiple repositories, branches, environments, devices, OSs … And the Product page display the current results for every one of them.


All this can be defined when you edit a Blueprint, that could include one or multiple repositories (or branches) and each of them can include one or multiple environments (or devices, OSs…). For example, the same tests can be shared in iOS and Android mobile applications (2 repositories) and run the tests for each repository in multiple environments: DEV, INT and PRE (3 environments). If there is any difference in the tests for each mobile platform or environment, the standard Gherkin´s @Tags can be used in features or scenarios to filter them.

In any page and at any moment the Blueprint’s submenu can be used to switch to any available environment of the current element to show their appropriate tests and results.

Git talent

The Git connector was rewritten for better integration. The repository’s branch doesn’t require to be the ‘Default’ (base) branch anymore and protected branches will display any error. Different repositories and/or branches can be configured in a single Blueprint to run the same set of tests in multiple repositories or branches of our product. Publishing tests will commit and push the changes to all the repositories and branches. And many more improvements, with better detection and descriptions of repository incidents.

Honest Ten-shirts

We have 10 exclusive T-shirts for the first persons to report us some bugs or incidents with this new version. Report bugs through the integrated UserVoice platform and we´ll contact the 10 first unique bug reporters to get their size and delivery details.

Email friendly

Emails will be sent to people invited to a Team or a Project (this time for real). And in this version recipients can be added to receive alert email when test results fails. Great for production environments where no development is done and all tests must keep running without errors (in an ideal world).


User Experience Improved:

  • Exported draft Scenarios are re-imported as draft
  • Blueprint´s name includes environment’s name
  • Blueprint´s submenu display the number of environments and their names
  • Text in tables’s fields can be selected and copied to the clipboard
  • Beta label removed from logos
  • And a lot of minor fixes typos and general improvements

 Activity Summary

Currently servicing 135 different products, with 657 features and 2.881 scenarios with over 16.000 steps created. Great news for product owners, coders, testers and stakeholders because all of them can visualize the status and specifications that they are covering in theirs products.

Feedback, please!

And please, don’t hesitate to keep using the UserVoice button to send any feedback, remember that screenshots can be attached within the UserVoice widget.

Coming soon in 3.1…

After this big structural change we´ll return to continuous delivery with new features every few weeks. We’re already working in fixing some issues in 3.0 and adding new features: images, living documentation, dashboard modules, comments, dynamic help, automated tests… and best of all, anything that any of you will ask for.